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  1. T/F Macro mode is used to take landscape photographs of subjects fairly far from the camera. False T/F In the portrait mode, your camera will automatically use the smallest aperture possible.
  2. Photography Assignment By: Jocelyn Miranda Ms. Bielak Digital Photography 2. Take photographs of someone using frontlighting, backlighting, and sidelighting. You can use the sun or other lighting. Golden Shadow Golden Glow This is my sister, with the sun to her side, where.
  3. Blue sky photos are actually easy to take if you have the right information, the right equipment and the right conditions. Also, what I have found helpful is practice. Sometimes you just need to take photographs and put the information and equipment into practice.
  4. No photographs were shown as Gustave Le Gray's new gallery because it was rumored Queen Victoria was going to attend the opening. False; Queen Charles Negre made many images of street people, such as chimney sweeps.
  5. The photographs are about this 32 year old mother who is barely getting by for her and her seven children during the great depression era. They tell of the sad reality for many people during that era. 2. The website shows the series of photographs that Lange took. These photographs range from a close-up to photographs taken from a distance.
  6. Jul 30,  · To take better photographs, take them in the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset, which is when the lighting for photographs is best. When you're taking a photo, try to position yourself so the light is hitting your subject at an angle instead of straight on. If you're using a digital camera, set it to the highest resolution possible Views: M.
  7. When _____became the photography editor of Science Illustrated, he/she carefully selected photographs that would explain scientific principles. Berenice Abbott. Eudora Welty practiced which of the following occupations? novel-writing and photography. The authenticity of whose photograph, Death of a Loyalist Soldier, has long been disputed?.
  8. The earliest photographs were black and white because _____. a. color processes were complicated b. color photography was impossible c. the chemistry used captured gray tones d. they were more expensive e. all of the other answers.

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