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  1. Afterward, a delegation of Alexandrians petitioned Caesar to return Ptolemy XIII to them, in exchange for Arsinoë, as they had grown weary of Arsinoë and Ganymedes and wished for their King to lead them. Soon, however, Caesar received reinforcements and won the decisive battle. Ganymedes subsequently perished in flight (47 BC).
  2. The Abduction of Ganymede is a oil painting of Ganymede by the Dutch Golden Age painter Rembrandt in the collection of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. Painting. This painting was documented by Hofstede de Groot in , who wrote: " THE RAPE OF GANYMEDE. Sm. ; Bode 79 ; Dut. ; Wb. 70 ; B-HdG. The eagle of Zeus, seen Artist: Rembrandt.
  3. In contrast, Johann Wilhelm Baur portrays a full-grown Ganymede confidently riding the eagle towards Olympus in Ganymede Triumphant (ca. s). A statue of Ganymede and Zeus entitled Ganymède Médicis by Pierre Laviron stands in the gardens of Versailles.
  4. Return to inocence Lyrics: That's not the beginning of the end / That's the return to yourself / The return to innocence / Love - Devotion / Feeling - Emotion / Love - Devotion / Feeling - Emotion.
  5. Ganymede's natural color is a little like milk chocolate, as shown in this approximately "natural" color view. GANYMEDE With a diameter of kilometers, Ganymede is the largest satellite in the solar system and larger than the planet Mercury. Ganymede and Callisto are similar in size and density. [ Return to Satellites Page ].
  6. Ganymede, Greek Ganymēdēs, Latin Ganymedes, or Catamitus, in Greek legend, the son of Tros (or Laomedon), king of enbilisatninghym.steracowracigavermosimliepeti.coe of his unusual beauty, he was carried off either by the gods or by Zeus, disguised as an eagle, or, according to a Cretan account, by Minos, to serve as enbilisatninghym.steracowracigavermosimliepeti.co compensation, Zeus gave Ganymede’s father a stud of immortal horses (or a golden vine).
  7. The Ganymede incident - as it would later become known as - would kickstart the war between the UN and MCR, finally unleashing decades' worth of tensions. Following the Ganymede incident, an uneasy peace would soon be re-established but with the MCRN having largely gained control of .
  8. Ganymede / ˈ ɡ æ n ɪ m iː d /, a satellite of Jupiter (Jupiter III), is the largest and most massive of the Solar System's enbilisatninghym.steracowracigavermosimliepeti.co ninth-largest object in the Solar System, it is the largest without a substantial atmosphere. It has a diameter of 5, km (3, mi), making it 26% larger than the planet Mercury by volume, although it is only 45% as massive.

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