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9 thoughts on “ Leave No Stone Unturned

  1. Jul 13,  · We sweat the small stuff, constantly pushing the boundaries of independent craft beer. So no, these upside down labels aren’t a mistake. They’re the visual manifestation of our most deeply-held belief. Because in the pursuit of craft beer perfection, we leave no Stone unturned. – Greg Koch.
  2. leave no stone unturned, to. To spare no trouble or expense; to make every possible effort. This term actually dates back to a Greek legend recounted by Euripides. One of Xerxes’s generals, Mardonius, was said to have abandoned a great treasure in his tent when he was defeated in .
  3. Sep 14,  · If you say that you will leave no stone unturned, you are emphasizing that you will try every way you can think of in order to achieve what you want.
  4. COMMON If you leave no stone unturned in your efforts to find something or achieve something, you consider or try every possible way of doing it. In the difficult weeks ahead, we'll leave no stone unturned in our search for a peaceful solution to the crisis.
  5. Jan 21,  · In Jeanne Glidewell's Leave No Stone Unturned, the first installment in the Lexie Starr cozy mystery series, this debut is compelling and intriguing to give you a great story. Lexie Starr is a widow with an only child. When her daughter Wendy had gotten married to Clay Pitt, she became suspicious of him and his behavior/5().
  6. Answer. "To leave no stone unturned" is an idiom that means to do everything possible to find something or to solve a problem. It is often used to praise someone's careful work, as in: The researcher left no stone unturned in her search for the original documents. Jake's lawyer promised that he would leave no stone unturned in trying to find more evidence to help Jake's case.
  7. Leave No Stone Unturned achievement in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. Collect 45 enemy intel items.
  8. Mar 24,  ·   photograph: pixabay     The phrase to leave no stone unturned means to try every possible course of action in order to achieve something. (The equivalent French phrase has a cosmic dimension since it is remuer ciel et terre, literally, to move heaven and earth.) The image of turning every stone was already proverbial.
  9. tired of love That we're running away Leave no stone unturned Leave no stone unturned Believe and you shall arrive The trust has gone bit by bit. Before My Time Is Up. Roger Daltrey. Rocks in the Head. I'll leave no stone unturned I won't regret my actions And even if my last words fail me I'll be a better man before my time is up I.

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